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Deal  Walmer  Sandwich and District Scouts

Unit Meeting via Zoom

17th September 2020, 19:30 - 20:10

Unit Meeting via Zoom

During this meeting we will take part in a quiz relating to the causes of climate change.  You will need a piece of paper with the word TRUE written on one side and FALSE on the other.   Below are the instructions for an activity from the Climate Quest Recycling section for you to do outside of this meeting.  We can then use them when we meet up.         

Tin Can Lantern - Items needed :  empty tin can (baked bean size is good), piece of plain paper, pen/pencil, hammer, nail.    

Use the empty, cleaned tin can, fill it with water and freeze it.    

On a piece of plain paper, cut to size to fit around the can, draw your design to go on the outside of your lantern.    

Once frozen, wrap the paper like a label around your can and using a hammer and nail, taking care not to injure yourself, punch into the metal, following the pattern you have designed.    

Once complete, take off the paper and allow the water to defrost.     

You now have a lantern to hold a small candle or tea-light.       

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