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Deal  Walmer  Sandwich and District Scouts

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  • Russell Graydon, Thomas Becket Explorers, 10 years service
  • Linda Hook, District, Silver Acorn
  • Denise Judd, 1st Deal, Chief Scout
  • Ivy Hutchins, 2nd Deal, Medal of Merit
  • Henry Dempster, 2nd Deal, Wood Badge and 5 years service
  • Mark and Anne Little, 7th Deal, Chief Scout
  • Sara Atkinson, 12th Deal, Wood Badge
  • Cath Marchbanks, 2nd Deal, Medal of Merit
  • Mike Hart, District SAS, Medal of Merit
  • Colin Tappenden, 7th Deal, Wood Badge

Three years of steady growth!

3rd October 2019

Three years of steady growth!

Three years of steady growth!

The annual census for 2018 summary shows that as a District overall, that we have had three years of steady growth. Young People are up 3% on the previous year and adults up a fantastic 13%. I hope we see this increase in adults as having a continued effect on the growth in the numbers of Young People benefitting from Scouting over the next two years.

Okay, growth in numbers isnít everything but it does give an indication that we must be doing something right if more people want to join us in the game of Scouting!

And every year we grow the Scout Association send us a new cool #GrowthChampion Minifigure! Although last year's one has now gathered a bit of dust! :)

Congratulations to all the adults in the District for all their hard work to grow and develop our groups and units.